[DWJ] a lucky woman

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Sun Jan 4 01:36:53 EST 2009

I spent much of this afternoon chatting with a young woman who was 
stopping off in Austin to rest in the middle of a cross-country drive 
from somewhere on the East Coast to Los Angeles. The reason for the 
drive is that after a couple of years as a graduate student in biology 
she decided that (a) she didn't want to spend her entire life reading 
science books and (b) she wants to study, as well as read, things that 
have a PLOT. So she's off to major in film at UCLA.

And the luck....is that she's got at least ten years of DWJ to catch up 
on! I mentioned the name and she fell out of her chair screaming, "I 
LOVE her books! Has she written anything recently?"  It seems she had 
read all the early DWJ in pre-internet days, when her books weren't so 
easy to find in small town America; then, I suppose, in high school she 
got buried in biology texts and hasn't read for pleasure since.

I've promised to email her a list of titles tomorrow.

-Margaret Ball

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