[DWJ] again, introduction

Roger Burton West roger at firedrake.org
Sat Jan 3 15:16:40 EST 2009

I'm a chap in his late thirties, now living a convenient twenty-odd
miles outside London (UK, not Ontario).

Professionally I wrangle computers. I know far too much about Internet
protocols and such like, but haven't used Windows as anything more than
a toybox for around ten years; Linux is my tool of choice for anything
serious. (One of the people for whom I wrangle computers is Diana.)

For fun, and to a very limited extent professionally, I play, run and
write role-playing games (the sort that require one to interact with
real people, not just computers) and wargames. http://tekeli.li/ has
some examples of the sort of thing I get up to.

Also for fun and for short trips, I tend to bicycle, though I haven't
been doing as much of that since I moved last summer from London (fairly
flat) to the Chilterns (less so). Mutter.

Also for fun (are you seeing a pattern yet?) I co-write and "draw" a
web-comic; http://laager.firedrake.org/ .

Unlike many list members, I have not written and am not writing a book.

I met DWJ herself before I was introduced to her books, and I tend to
save the older books I haven't yet read for _really_ rainy days. I don't
think I have a "favourite", really, though I do tend to go back to
_Hexwood_ and to _Fire & Hemlock_.

I read many other things too. 241 books last year by 40 distinct
authors. My reading is mostly but not exclusively SF and fantasy, with a
strong sideline in crime and thrillers (one reason the book-to-author
ratio is so high is that I engaged in the complete works of Agatha
Christie, Alistair MacLean and Mary Stewart) and occasional non-fiction
(mostly technical). I am entirely ready to admit that I have Low Tastes
and enjoy plenty of things that are not by any objective standard


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