[DWJ] yet another introduction

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Fri Jan 2 11:26:49 EST 2009

I'm Margaret Ball, female (as you may have deduced), living in Austin, 
Texas with my husband and half a kid. (Translation: the supposedly grown 
up and independent 23-yr-old is here about half the time for one reason 
or another. I don't mind; she's good company. And it's much better than 
my 1/2 of one percent of the 22-yr-old, who is a fashonista and has set 
out to conquer New York City.)

I haven't been around here much for the last couple of years due to 
various family crises and illnesses which you do not want to hear about, 
what could be more boring, but Life seems to have entered a smoother 
phase and I look forward to rejoining the discussions after I've combed 
through all the "Best Books of 2007/8" for a list of new things to read.

I used to call myself a science fiction and fantasy writer, but my last 
book (which _I_ thought was pretty good, actually) has been sitting 
unloved and unread on various editors' desks for three years, so 
"involuntarily retired" probably ought to be added to that description. 
Actually I am enjoying playing around with artsycraftsy stuff and 
reading other people's books and thinking smugly, "OK, _you_ figure out 
how to get out of the plot corner you just painted yourself into; _I_ 
don't have to!)

The artsycraftsy stuff is actually getting beyond just playing around; a 
friend and I rented a gallery space for a weekend in October and, to my 
surprise and delight, I sold enough beadwork and hand-dyed scares to pay 
the rent and leave a bit over for more beads, more silk, and more art 
books. New Year's resolution: enter more juried shows, submit work and 
articles to magazines, finish writing the second bead embroidery book, 
and generally do this seriously and for real.

Like Minnow,
> I like Victorian 
> travel-books called things like 'Three on a Fiord by Two Of Them'
with a special focus on the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, when, 
as Kim Stanley Robinson puts it, "They went out to conquer the Antarctic 
with bad Boy Scout equipment." I recently acquired a Kindle and am in 
the process of raiding Project Gutenberg for nice long travel memoirs to 
take on the next trip.

Can't remember the first DWJ I read, but it must have been one of the 
early ones - _Dogsbody_, or _Eight Days of Luke_, or _Power of Three_. I 
have, of course, been hopelessly addicted ever since. Favorite DWJ: 
_Fire and Hemlock_. (I'm a sucker for Tam Lin stories anyway.)

-Margaret Ball

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