[DWJ] New Introduction

Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Thu Jan 1 05:39:18 EST 2009

OK, I'm in ...

I'm Chris "electric hedgehog" Dollin, and I've been a DWJ fan since, um,
the late 1970s when our reading group had a Thing on DWJ's /Charmed
Life/ and perhaps /The Ogre Downstairs/ and I got hooked. Been tracking
the books ever since. Favourites include /Fire and Hemlock/, /Hexwood/,
/Howl's Moving Castle/, /Archer's Goon/, and /Deep Secret/. 

I've been an F&SF reader since before I discovered DWJ; other favourite
authors include Robin McKinley (/Dragonhome/ still waiting to be read,
and I love /Sunshine/), Patricia McKillip (who is on my Buy Hardback On
Sight list), Steven Brust, Lois McMaster Bujold, SIR Terry Pratchett,
Charlie Stross, and, well, others. And apparently I count as a media fan,
what with /Buffy/ and /Angel/ and /B5/ and /Farscape/ and /Firefly/Serenity/
and /Eureka/ and /Tru Calling/ and /Dead Like Me/ and /Veronica Mars/ and,
well, other others. I'm also a boardgamer, enjoying /Canal Mania/, /Age
of Steam/, /Brass/, /After the Flood/, /Carcassone/, /On the Undergound/,
and, well well, other other others. If this were a margin, I'm sure there
would be an appropriate quote.

I've met a few other list members, and DWJ, and a Do that we had in
Bristol a few years ago, and separately encountered Charlie Butler
after a Bath Lit Fest event -- hi, Charlie -- and Minnow and Farah at
at least one Eastercon. I've known Colin Fine occasionally for a long
time -- loi, Kolen, if you're reading.  

In another life I work for a Large Computer Company so sometimes
I'll knee-jerk on remarks about programming languages or notations.
Don't worry, the fit will soon pass.

Dreaming Hedgehog
"A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought." /Gaudy Night/

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