[DWJ] Archer's Goon

Colin Fine colin at fine.me.uk
Thu Feb 26 17:50:12 EST 2009

liril at gmx.net wrote:
> Charlie wrote
>> Indeed. And note the date when AG was published...
> And to top all this, in the old German edition I read as a kid, which has the slightly spoilery title "The secret of the seventh sorcerer" (no aliteration in German, though) some of the important characters have different names, and Acher, if I recall correctly, is called Winston! 
> I wonder if they did it on purpose. Hmmm.
I've noticed other examples where the titles of German translations 
appear much more literal and
descriptive of the contents than the English.  I'm thinking particularly 
of 'Dune' (which has associations of 'desert' in English, but doesn't 
necessarily point that way until you read the book) vs /Der 
Wüstenplanet. /But I'm sure I've come across other examples.

Looking around for other examples, I find Zelazny's "Roadmarks" is 
/Straße nach überallhin.*


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