[DWJ] was Re: 'Recorded Books', now Mounds and coming out of them

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I was under the impression that DWJ was insipired for at least some of these
mounds by Celtic burial mounds that she saw in her childhood. But I may just
be making a mishmash of many different tidbits I've read over the years. And
doesn't the dragon come out of a mound in "The Merlin Conspiracy"?

P.S. I'm not sure I've ever used mishmash and tidbits in the same sentence

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Jackie E Stallcup  wrote:

> No, no, it's very short and for quite a younger audience
> than she usually
> writes for.  And it's a male who comes out of the
> mound, not Monegan.
> And it's not Hexwood either... hmm.  interesting. We
> sort of have a theme
> here.... people coming out of mounds.  It's not Power
> of Three either.
> Now I'm making myself laugh.  Is there a dwj book where
> someone DOESN'T
> come out of a mound???
> Gosh, maybe it isn't even one of her books?
> Hmmm....
Wild Robert!  Wild Robert!

And I'm glad you brought up the mound angle.  Never thought of it in
connection with DWJ works -- but look at all of these you've mentioned --
and of course, there's BLACK MARIA!


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