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Kait Bessing kait.bessing at comhem.se
Tue Feb 24 15:31:31 EST 2009

I'm a diligent reader of talking books (mostly in Swedish), and I'm so 
impressed by this company's actually consulting the author about the 

When I think how many times I've writhed in agony to hear readers say names 
ALL WRONG - even well-known, established names! Mostly in translated books, 
of course.

Not only do they say them wrong, but they say them DIFFERENTLY on different 
occasions in the book! Like they can't make up their minds.

I remember reading one of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books as a talking 
book, in Swedish. The reader pronounced the name Falme (a city) as Fal-m, 
but then later it was Fall-m, and it took me a long while to realise that 
she was referring to the same place!!

Anyway, I think Recorded Books sounds like a great company!

Kait in Stockholm, Sweden

Minnow wrote:
> I am told that some people who produce audio books of DWJ's work have
> the pleasant habit of ringing her up to check about the pronunciation
> of names such as 'Stallery' (which she has told them rhymes with
> 'gallery', by the way) before they start to get the books read aloud
> onto CDs.
> So if there are questions about the way in which the author intended
> her invented names to be spoken, people who want to know the answer
> can apply themselves to talking books from 'Recorded Books', who have
> made the effort to find out what *she* says and try to get it right
> ('right' in this instance must be deemed to mean only insofar as the
> opinion of the author in such a matter has any bearing, and should
> not be taken as spoiling with facts any argument that may have arisen
> in the matter, nor, naturally, as any slur on anyone who may hold a
> different opinion).  That of course assumes such questions are about
> a book from 'Recorded Books', which isn't all of them; I don't know
> which ones they have got round to at this point.
> *The House of Many Ways* is available unabridged on 7 CDs that take 8
> hours to play.
> 'Recorded Books' do not mention a website on the cover of the boxed
> set, and give their contact details as
> 1-800-638-1304
> and
> Recorded Books, LLC, 270 Skipjack Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.
> I am in no way associated with  this organisation, and this post is
> for information only.
> Minnow
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