[DWJ] belated intro

Emma Comerford comerford.emma at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 15:12:09 EST 2009

Charlie's email has prompted me to emerge from my recent lurkdom because I
will definitely try to make the Bristol conference or at least any list meet
up that is planned. I don't want everyone scratching their heads asking who
I am, so thought I'd send a tardy intro.

I'm Emma, I'm 28 and from Brisbane, Australia but have been living in
Bedfordshire in England for the last 18 months or so. I'm loving lots of
things about living here, especially the changing seasons, cheaper books and
the lovely countryside, but am still very excited about going home for a
holiday in a few days. I read lots of books from different genres. DWJ has
been one of my favourite authors since I was around 11, although I can never
pin my favourite DWJ book down to one.

I joined the list in...2000? A long time ago anyway. I've had the great
pleasure of meeting a few list members over the years including Ros,
Kathleen and more recently Hallie and Charlie. It'd be great to catch up
with people at the conference in July! This list has given me so many good
recommendations over the years, including some of my favourite authors.


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