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Speaking of Australia, I hope that all of you over Down Under are
okay, and safe from all the fires :/


On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 9:02 AM, Jenny Schwartzberg
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> I'd love to ask him what books he read as a child that he feels really
> influenced his imagination and his writing.  I'm hoping one of the
> seminal authors is DWJ!
> I'd love to know if he has any plans to go back to the world of the Old
> Kingdom and Ancelstierre, but he might be really tired of that question!
> And certainly we would all love to know what's next!
> Does he ever travel to the US?
> Yours,
> Jenny Schwartzberg
> Anita Graham wrote:
>> Hmm - I would ask Garth Nix whether/how/if he had trouble sustaining the
>> interest (for himself, and then for readers) over the seven Keys to the
>> Kingdom books. (Book 7 not yet out...when? is another question.)
>> It has seemed to me that some of his books have been republished now that
>> his reputation has grown (the Ragwitch, the seven towers books). Does he
>> feel these earlier books are at the same standard as the later books
>> (Sabriel et al, Keys to Kingdom).
>> What's coming next?
>> How would he compare his books with writers like Justine Larbalestier? I ask
>> because I think they are comparable. I suppose that question might link to
>> (or from) contemporary writers he enjoys reading. (not necessarily
>> Australian,  but perhaps YA, fantasy)
>> Thank him for me for some happy reading (Mister Monday specially and Lirael
>> in the library) and some scary reading (Lirael waking up the monster in the
>> library) and lots of lots of enjoyment.
>> Anita Graham
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>> Hi everyone,
>> I have an interview with Garth Nix tomorrow for an article about Australian
>> fantasy writers (Garth and Margo Lanagan predominantly) and I am wondering
>> what sorts of questions people would ask him if they had the opportunity.
>> While I'm here, a few years ago someone on this list very kindly sent me a
>> plush Calcifer and I promised a signed Nix in return, but I lost her details
>> and have felt guilty ever since. If she's still on the list, would this kind
>> and generous person contact me so I can get Garth to sign a book for her?
>> Thanks!
>> Judith
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