[DWJ] OT question

Jenny Schwartzberg schwartzbergj at newberry.org
Wed Feb 11 11:02:23 EST 2009

I'd love to ask him what books he read as a child that he feels really 
influenced his imagination and his writing.  I'm hoping one of the 
seminal authors is DWJ!

I'd love to know if he has any plans to go back to the world of the Old 
Kingdom and Ancelstierre, but he might be really tired of that question!

And certainly we would all love to know what's next!

Does he ever travel to the US?

Jenny Schwartzberg

Anita Graham wrote:
> Hmm - I would ask Garth Nix whether/how/if he had trouble sustaining the
> interest (for himself, and then for readers) over the seven Keys to the
> Kingdom books. (Book 7 not yet out...when? is another question.) 
> It has seemed to me that some of his books have been republished now that
> his reputation has grown (the Ragwitch, the seven towers books). Does he
> feel these earlier books are at the same standard as the later books
> (Sabriel et al, Keys to Kingdom). 
> What's coming next?
> How would he compare his books with writers like Justine Larbalestier? I ask
> because I think they are comparable. I suppose that question might link to
> (or from) contemporary writers he enjoys reading. (not necessarily
> Australian,  but perhaps YA, fantasy)
> Thank him for me for some happy reading (Mister Monday specially and Lirael
> in the library) and some scary reading (Lirael waking up the monster in the
> library) and lots of lots of enjoyment.
> Anita Graham
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> Hi everyone,
> I have an interview with Garth Nix tomorrow for an article about Australian
> fantasy writers (Garth and Margo Lanagan predominantly) and I am wondering
> what sorts of questions people would ask him if they had the opportunity.
> While I'm here, a few years ago someone on this list very kindly sent me a
> plush Calcifer and I promised a signed Nix in return, but I lost her details
> and have felt guilty ever since. If she's still on the list, would this kind
> and generous person contact me so I can get Garth to sign a book for her?
> Thanks!
> Judith

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