[DWJ] Dilemma (and seasonal remarks)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Dec 24 12:14:42 EST 2009

I have a minor problem.  I am sorting through the old children's books 
to try to eliminate the ones I am really never going to read again and 
the duplicates (and such sorrows as the bowdlerised Bevis, but thank 
goodness I also have a copy that hasn't been abridged) and discover that 
as well as my mother's copy of Mrs Molesworth's *The Carved Lions* (the 
one Gillian Avery edited, and as far as I can make out with the full 
text) I also have my grandmother's, which is a first edition and in good 
condition.  It has clearly been read since it was bought in 1895, but by 
careful children, and has no real damage to it.

I don't know what to do with it.  It's not so valuable that I ought to 
sell it -- fifty-five quid seems to be the most this book is being sold 
for online, something that is being said to be first edition that is 
dated 1905 -- but it clearly has value beyond the actual text for 
*somebody*.  Where do I find out who wants such a thing in order to love 
having it, nothing to do with money?

If anyone has any ideas about where it wants to be, please let me know!  
I really don't need it, because I have the more recent one for reading, 
and I don't think I am careful enough with books to warrant keeping old 
ones just because they are old.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is having and will have a good whatever it is 
that they choose to celebrate at the end of the calendar year, and that 
next year is better than it could be for everyone who reads this.



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