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Sally Odgers sally at sallyodgers.com
Sun Dec 13 08:18:46 EST 2009

Minnow, not long ago aplus, the company hosting my webpage and thus my 
webmail, changed a few things. I was locked out of my webmail for a 
while because that I used to do to get into it no longer worked. I used 
to type www.sallyodgers.com/mail in the top field, and then put in my 
username (sally) and my password. However, now I have to go to 
webmail.cs.aplus.net and type in my email address and password. I was 
supposed to know this by telepathy, I suspect. Anyhow, the hull thing 
looks different, so maybe that's why it appears furrin. Sorry, but 
cain't help it. When I finally made contact with a live un who could 
tell me what they'd done and what I had to do, I said I wanted the old 
easy access back and they said no-can-do. 

Sally Odgers

Quoting Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk>:
> >On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 10:50:55PM -0500, Sally Odgers wrote:
> >> Highly bezerque, I'd say!
> >> Sally Odgers (NOT "=?utf-8?b?U2FsbHkgT2RnZXJz?=")
> Roger explained
> >Sally's email program has decided that her name has Strange Furrin
> >Characters in it, and so has encoded it as UTF-8 (which if she were
> >using Arabic or Hebrew or Klingon characters would be entirely
> >appropriate, but since she isn't is a bit silly really). Minnow's email
> >program predates this innovation and so doesn't understand it. 
> What is strange or furrin about "Sally Odgers", I wonder?  Looks like quite
> ordinary English characters to me. 
> Until last month I didn't see this strange designation, anyhow, I saw
> either "sally[at]" or "Sally" as the sender.  So I was asking, was all. 
> No offence was intended to Sally or her machine/program, it was just a
> surprise.  When mails arrive with such "senders" I tend to assume they are
> spam rather than a real person,  because in the past they always have been. 
> Does this mean that in the future I shall have to expect this more and
> more, Roger?
> Minnow
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