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Fri Dec 11 09:32:45 EST 2009

On Thursday, December 10, 2009, at 06:49 PM, Helen Chong wrote:

> I have been "lurking" for a while. Although I have been tempted to write a 
> few times I have hesitated to put in my two pence worth, because all of you 
> seem to be experts (librarians, university lecturers in childrens' 
> literature, authors, translators etc) and I am not. I just read and collect 
> DWJ because I enjoy her writing.

This seems like a good a time as any to remind people of one of
the paragraphs from the list introductory message, which many of
us haven't seen for years:

"We have teenagers and university professors, and not a single
person here is smarter or more valuable than any other.  You may
be Diana Wynne Jones, Wizard Howl, and Albert Einstein rolled
into one, but on this list, you are just as smart and no smarter
than anyone else.  That is to say, your opinions are very
welcome, and so are other people's.  Some people contribute to
our discussions with years of literary theory under their belts,
some bring knowledge from DWJ's own words, and some bring only
their own personal experiences.  All of these contributions are
equally welcome."

Anyone here who is feeling overwhelmed -- by somebody else's
academic credentials, by somebody else's personal knowledge, or
just by somebody else's thrilling prose style -- should always
feel free to speak out.

And on that note, hello!


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