[DWJ] Which DWJ for Christmas...?

Tina liril at gmx.net
Wed Dec 9 14:04:36 EST 2009

Thank you for your recommendations and insights.

I really liked the Little Vampire books as a kid, so that's an idea to 
keep in mind. Several of Dick King-Smith's books have been translated, 
from the descriptions I rather liked The Water Horse.

You know, Helen, I've actually been thinking about whether the girl 
might be scared by Witch Week. I have to confess that in my recollection 
I mostly thought about Charles putting his finger over the candle as 
"critical", becaus I found that scene really intense. However, I don't 
have clear recollections of reading Witch Week as a kid, only that I am 
quite certain I read it, because I encountered such feelings of Deja Vue 
when I read it as an adult. That has been some years ago, so maybe I 
should reread.  :-)

Speaking of scenes in DWJ books that with scary scenes, I remember a 
scene of Magicians of Caprona, where the evil witch "melts". That really 
got to me as a child. Also, the scene in Charmed Life, where Gwendolin 
calls forth the ghosts, I think that's also quite scary....


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