[DWJ] Which DWJ for Christmas...?

Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 14:08:37 EST 2009

When I was ten my favorite DWJ was Lives of Christopher Chant.  I loved
Power of Three, too; I didn't understand everything the first read-through,
but I read it repeatedly until it all made sense.  I love Power of Three,
and if this girl is a reasonably advanced reader for her age, I think it's a
good choice, but then I don't think it's always necessary for a book to be
entirely easy or obvious.  I loved Power of Three because I could figure it
out; I loved The Ogre Downstairs because it took place in a strange place
and time where people went to discos, and it didn't even realize.  That
said, there's always next Christmas :)


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