[DWJ] Which DWJ for Christmas...?

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> Hello everybody,
> this Christmas, I'd like to give DWJ books to my godchild and his sister - 
> and I'd like some suggestions:
> The girl is eight, and a very good and avid reader - so it's high time for 
> her first DWJ, I think. She's not reading much fantasy and I'd like to 
> introduce her to that, too. At the moment, I think I'd best get her Witch 
> Week, because I think the school story setting might appeal to her and 
> because I think Nan to be a appealing character to a girl who likes 
> reading and story telling. Also, if she likes it, there is the 
> "Chrestomanci Series" to follow. Alternatively, there's Power of Three. It 
> has been one of my childhood favourites and the way it starts like a 
> fantasy-fairy tale, and lets the reader discover step by step it is 
> actually "our world" it talks about might intrigue her. What do you think?

I think _Power of Three_ is a more complicated situation, and probably too 
much for an eight-year-old. _Witch Week_ is more approachable, as long as 
she won't be scared by the bone-fires and all.

> I'd like to get her brother a book, too. He's six and just discovering 
> reading books for himself. I don't want to overtax hin, and I have to 
> confess I haven't read the DWJ books which I have heard are "for younger 
> readers" (Wild Robert?) Apart from that problem, it has just occurrd to me 
> that I'd need a German translation for him. As far as I can see in a quick 
> search in the net, Wild Robert hasn't been translated :-(  Do you have any 
> other sugesstions? Well known authors would be good, because the chance of 
> a translation is probably higher...

_Wild Robert_ is short, but NOT particularly a younger child's book in any 
other way. I think the only DWJ that's aimed for that range is _Yes, Dear_, 
and that's more of a read-aloud.

My kids liked the Sophie books by Dick King-Smith at that age. He had a big 
boom in the US after the movie Babe came out, so they're readily available 
here; dunno about in German, but I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Helen Schinske 

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