[DWJ] Which Heyer for Bettina...?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Dec 8 13:09:23 EST 2009

Bettina wondered:

>While I am asking for recommendations and opions, and whilst the mail is
>getting a bit more OT: I've just read  - well, listened to - my first
>Georgette Heyer (audio)book, and liked it a lot. It was "The Talisman
>Ring" - based on my liking this (Sarah Thane and Sir Tristram
>especially), which would the Heyer Experts on this list recommend to try

If it is the interplay between two people having a book-long mock-conflict
with down-to-earth mockery of the Wromantic that has made you like *The
Talisman Ring*, *The Reluctant Widow* has a similar jousting between the
two main characters which *I* find wonderful, though it is only fair to say
that members of the Heyer List have sometimes said they thought she was
whining and he was overbearing. It also has one of my favourite subsidiary
characters, and I leave you to read it and guess which!  Likewise *The
Grand Sophy* has fine conflict between two likeable people running through
it, and a seriously and gloriously convoluted plot, and possibly the most
memorable Hopeless Suitor she ever committed to paper.  Two of these, in

You may get offered *Regency Buck* for the Heyero/Heyeroine squabbling, but
I find it less fun because [1] it is her first True Regency and is full of
infodumps from guidebooks she clearly had just encountered and couldn't
resist putting in verbatim disguised as one character telling them to
another [2] it has Beau Brummel as one of the characters, and I found that
destroyed my suspending of disbelief because "real" people in fiction need
a surer hand than Heyer had at the time if they aren't to feel shoehorned
in for the quotes (and she has him saying *all* the ones everyone knows)
and [3] the conflict in that particular book is rather nastier than I find
entertaining, between two people neither of whom I could warm to.



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