[DWJ] Which DWJ for Christmas...?

Tina liril at gmx.net
Tue Dec 8 12:14:32 EST 2009

Hello everybody,

this Christmas, I'd like to give DWJ books to my godchild and his sister 
- and I'd like some suggestions:

The girl is eight, and a very good and avid reader - so it's high time 
for her first DWJ, I think. She's not reading much fantasy and I'd like 
to introduce her to that, too. At the moment, I think I'd best get her 
Witch Week, because I think the school story setting might appeal to her 
and because I think Nan to be a appealing character to a girl who likes 
reading and story telling. Also, if she likes it, there is the 
"Chrestomanci Series" to follow. Alternatively, there's Power of Three. 
It has been one of my childhood favourites and the way it starts like a 
fantasy-fairy tale, and lets the reader discover step by step it is 
actually "our world" it talks about might intrigue her. What do you think?

I'd like to get her brother a book, too. He's six and just discovering 
reading books for himself. I don't want to overtax hin, and I have to 
confess I haven't read the DWJ books which I have heard are "for younger 
readers" (Wild Robert?) Apart from that problem, it has just occurrd to 
me that I'd need a German translation for him. As far as I can see in a 
quick search in the net, Wild Robert hasn't been translated :-(  Do you 
have any other sugesstions? Well known authors would be good, because 
the chance of a translation is probably higher...

While I am asking for recommendations and opions, and whilst the mail is 
getting a bit more OT: I've just read  - well, listened to - my first 
Georgette Heyer (audio)book, and liked it a lot. It was "The Talisman 
Ring" - based on my liking this (Sarah Thane and Sir Tristram 
especially), which would the Heyer Experts on this list recommend to try 

Thank you in advance,


PS: My thoughts are with Diana, too. I hope she makes a good and speedy 

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