[DWJ] health update

Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Tue Aug 25 15:17:46 EDT 2009

On Tuesday 25 August 2009, Minnow wrote:
> DWJ has authorised me to tell this forum what has been going on since I
> last wrote about her health here, and also to send her thanks to anyone
> here who has sent her good wishes.


> I gather that this result is about the best that can be hoped for in the
> case of a tumour on the lung, and that as soon as she starts to be able to
> eat again she can expect to make a good recovery. 

For this relief, much thanks.

What would be an appropriate celebratory joint activity? Postings
in iambic pentameter? A proliferation of limericks? DWJ title mashups?

Thanks also to Minnow for being the relayer.

Far-Fetched Hedgehog
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