[DWJ] health update

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Aug 25 05:22:45 EDT 2009

DWJ has authorised me to tell this forum what has been going on since I
last wrote about her health here, and also to send her thanks to anyone
here who has sent her good wishes.

As you know, she was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, an early
diagnosis because she had a chest X-ray for something different and it was

She was taken in to hospital in July and the tumour was removed, along with
one lobe of her left lung.

After a short period of recovery in a ward she came out of hospital for a
week but was then taken back in and put into isolation with what they
eventually decided was not c. difficile.  (They haven't said what it was.)
She lost a lot of weight (about thirty pounds) and her recovery from the
surgery was delayed by deterioration in her general physical health.

She escaped again on 14th August, and went home weak and ill but happy to
be out of hospital in time for her birthday that weekend.

24th August they asked her to go back in for a follow-up clinic.

I wrote what they told her onto my hand at the time, and didn't want to ask
about spelling, so this may not be quite right, but it was roughly

"A T2 tumour, N knot, no nodal involvement, no lymph involvement."

No chemotherapy was suggested as being necessary.

She has to go back for a check-up every three months for a year, then every
six months for two years, then once a year thereafter.

I gather that this result is about the best that can be hoped for in the
case of a tumour on the lung, and that as soon as she starts to be able to
eat again she can expect to make a good recovery.  I really hope that now
she no longer has the possibility of chemotherapy hanging over her, she
will be able to relax a little and everything will start to go better.


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