[DWJ] Book chains

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 03:08:49 EDT 2009

Does anyone else on the list enjoy collecting chains of related books?

Eg (ObDWJ) _Deep Secret_ is anchored on "How many miles to Babylon"
which is a key poem in _Stardust_ which also uses "Go and catch a
falling star" which is the base of _Howl's Moving Castle_.

I'm trying to think of other DWJ ones, because she seems the sort of
author who ought to feature in more.

Lately I've been stumbling on non-fiction chains (they're best found
accidentally): I read Leo Marks' _Between Silk and Cyanide_ (and loved
it). He eased official roadblocks with first editions from his
father's bookstore, 84 Charing Cross Road, which of course relates
directly to Hanff's _84 Charing Cross Road_ which I bought bundled
with her diary of the book promotion tour in which she met Leo Marks
and his wife painted her portrait, which is in the photos section of
_Between Silk and Cyanide_.

I picked up Nancy Bird's autobiography _My God, it's a woman!_ at a
Lifeline Booksale. She described learning to fly with Charles
Kingsford Smith. Then at a 2nd hand shop I picked up a CKS's _The
Southern Cross Story_ (and spent most of it going "Don't fly over the
Bay of Bengal, Charles!"), which was bundled with HC Miller's _Early
Birds_, about even earlier Australian Aviation. Then I picked up
_Flying Nurse_ at a garage sale and realised partway through that the
author, Robin Miller, was HC Miller's daughter and had been mentioned
by (and I think flown with) Nancy Bird, and that her mother was Mary
Durack who wrote the classic Australian family history "Kings in Grass
Castles". And then realised that my 2nd hand copy had belonged to Mary



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