[DWJ] It's echoing in here

Chris Dollin eh at electrichedgehog.net
Thu Aug 20 07:09:15 EDT 2009

Elizabeth Evans wrote:

> So here's a desert island question for the list - if you were going on
> holiday to a tropical island, where there is not much to do but swim in
> the warm ocean and lie in the shade of a coconut tree and read, 

That's an unlikely way for me to spend a holiday -- the island bit,
not the reading bit -- 

> which DWJ book would you pack first of all? 

Probably /Deep Secret/. It's probably my Most Comfort Reading
DWJ, perhaps because I can see myself being as daft as Rupert.

Holiday daftness: we went through Pinhoe Station last week, on
a trip down to Lyme Regis. It felt very odd, seeing Pinhoe (but no
egg or Other Magical Effects, alas).

Far-Fetched Hedgehog
Meaning precedes definition.

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