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Jenny Schwartzberg schwartzbergj at newberry.org
Tue Aug 18 23:39:09 EDT 2009

 Dear Katie,

I'm envious you got to go to the DWJ conference!  I enjoy Shanna Swendson's books so I'll have to look at her blog for that particular post on Dark Lord of Derkholm.

As for library school, I really recommend the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's graduate library school.  It's the top-ranked school in the country.  Also, it has a lot of interesting and innovative courses.  Take a look at the website and look at the course lists.

FYI, I attend it myself, so I'm biased (smile).

Jenny Schwartzberg
The Newberry Library

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> Hi,
> Since the list's been so quiet, I thought I should try to send my
> after-conference email that's been sitting in the drafts folder for so
> long.  I wanted to thank everyone for being so welcoming and kind at the
> conference.  It was so wonderful to be around a bunch of people who all knew
> the same books.  My brother and I were there, looking far younger than
> everyone else (for the record, I'm 21 :) ).
> A few interesting things:
> I was taking a look at author Shanna Swendson's blog/lj.  I heard Deborah
> mention at the conference that she doesn't read authors' blogs anymore, but
> I thought she and everyone might be interested in Shanna's short June 9
> response to Dark Lord of Derkholm, as somebody who had never been exposed to
> DWJ before.  She was struck and kind of puzzled by its intended audience,
> and its filing in her library as young adult, considering Derk's plot-line
> and issues.
> Gili and I were telling some people at the conference how we'd enjoyed
> Frances Hardinge's books.  I just wanted to let her and others know that I
> saw a new book by her in the stores.  Maybe not so new, but I hadn't known
> about it.  It's called Gullstruck Island, and I'm going to read it as soon
> as I have something vaguely resembling time.
> Also, I very well might be imagining things, but I thought heard someone
> mention at the conference during after-paper questions an essay in which DWJ
> talks about difficulty writing or publishing Fire and Hemlock-- or was it A
> Sudden Wild Magic?  If anyone knows what I might be remembering and where
> this essay might be read, that would be great.
> And here is more of a request for advice:
> I know a lot of librarian-type people were at the conference and on this
> list.  I'm heading into senior year of college and thinking about graduate
> school for library science.  Any information about schools?  It would be
> much appreciated.  (I live in North America, so would probably want to stay
> here for school.)
> Thanks and hope everyone's well,
> Katie
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