[DWJ] quick belated conference response

Katherine Meyers katherine_meyers at brown.edu
Tue Aug 18 21:42:58 EDT 2009

Since the list's been so quiet, I thought I should try to send my
after-conference email that's been sitting in the drafts folder for so
long.  I wanted to thank everyone for being so welcoming and kind at the
conference.  It was so wonderful to be around a bunch of people who all knew
the same books.  My brother and I were there, looking far younger than
everyone else (for the record, I'm 21 :) ).
A few interesting things:
I was taking a look at author Shanna Swendson's blog/lj.  I heard Deborah
mention at the conference that she doesn't read authors' blogs anymore, but
I thought she and everyone might be interested in Shanna's short June 9
response to Dark Lord of Derkholm, as somebody who had never been exposed to
DWJ before.  She was struck and kind of puzzled by its intended audience,
and its filing in her library as young adult, considering Derk's plot-line
and issues.
Gili and I were telling some people at the conference how we'd enjoyed
Frances Hardinge's books.  I just wanted to let her and others know that I
saw a new book by her in the stores.  Maybe not so new, but I hadn't known
about it.  It's called Gullstruck Island, and I'm going to read it as soon
as I have something vaguely resembling time.
Also, I very well might be imagining things, but I thought heard someone
mention at the conference during after-paper questions an essay in which DWJ
talks about difficulty writing or publishing Fire and Hemlock-- or was it A
Sudden Wild Magic?  If anyone knows what I might be remembering and where
this essay might be read, that would be great.
And here is more of a request for advice:
I know a lot of librarian-type people were at the conference and on this
list.  I'm heading into senior year of college and thinking about graduate
school for library science.  Any information about schools?  It would be
much appreciated.  (I live in North America, so would probably want to stay
here for school.)
Thanks and hope everyone's well,

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