[DWJ] It's echoing in here

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Aug 18 20:01:23 EDT 2009

Gill said:

I've noticed that there doesn't appear to have been a digest for nearly
month. Is everyone quiet because it's summer, have I done something
unforgiveable and been ejected or is there a glitch somewhere as there
was a
while back? 



Hello Gill

I have to tell you that I'm quiet because it's winter here in New
Zealand. Colds, sniffles, rain, study, and other personal issues.
And also because of study (that's a Bad Word, isn't it?) I haven't been
doing much reading for pleasure lately.

My daughter borrowed some of my DWJs to go on holiday last week - Deep
Secret and Tale of Time City.

So here's a desert island question for the list - if you were going on
holiday to a tropical island, where there is not much to do but swim in
the warm ocean and lie in the shade of a coconut tree and read, which
DWJ book would you pack first of all? It might not necessarily be your
favourite, because the reason one is your favourite might be that it is
more thought-provoking, and you might not feel like thinking too hard
while on holiday. But there again . . . you might.

I think on that basis I would probably pack The Magicians of Caprona. I
always enjoy reading it, and it's so funny.	But Archer's Goon is my


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