[DWJ] The Accidental Sorcerer

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 04:52:50 EDT 2009

I finished 'The Accidental Sorcerer' by K E Mills (pen name of Karen  
Miller, Australian author) instead of doing work last night.

Review Below:

It was good, even though it did change in tone significantly  
(logically and with intent) from the middle onwards.
By the end of the book it becomes clear why the change in tone was  
made and can therefore predict what direction the trilogy will take,  
but it isn't quite the direction you think the book's taking at the  
start. (Actually, this reminds me of a similar surprising change in  
the middle of her duology 'Kingmaker'/'Kingbreaker'.)

I really enjoyed it. Some of the conversations made me laugh out  
loud. :)

And Karen Miller's characters somehow feel like they were written by  
DWJ. They've got that same realism about them, the same endearing  
She really does do marvellous characters. I was struck by that in  

I am still trying to decide which one I like most. I think I will  
reserve my judgement, however, until I've finished reading the trilogy.

The dedication of The Accidental Sorcerer has to be one of the  
funniest I've seen, too.

Lots of fun.


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