[DWJ] Bees

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 01:43:58 EDT 2009

> Is there room in your story about the evil bees of Mordor (or  
> wherever)?
> Mark Allums


> OH! OH! The Japanese Giant Hornet!  Enemy of all (honey)bees.   
> European
> bees imported to Japan don't stand a chance against them.  Two dozen
> hornets will destroy a hive of tens of thousands, kill every bee.   
> There
> is some great film of this on some documentary channel or other.
> Japanese bees have evolved a defense again these, they cluster  
> together
> and overheat the hornet.  If you have good, reliable, fast internet,  
> try
> to find video on youtube or somewhere.
> MArk Allums

Wow, cool. Thanks for that. I will look!
In terms of story, Our Heroine is familiar with her region's type of  
They get talked to and there's other stuff that (among other things)  
also means they're quite docile.
Down south at the capital, they've Modernised and stopped talking to  
their bees and so bee behaviour is different altogether.
And (another happy coincidence with story) Our Heroine has seen a  
hornet, and I the omnicient know that it is the symbol of the evil  
court mage, who has his eyes on controlling her land through the bee  
magic there... the southern lands have all fallen under his influence  

So yes - thank you for that tip!



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