[DWJ] James Fenimore Cooper: a warning was Re: an appeal to Australia

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Sun Apr 26 00:57:54 EDT 2009

On Apr 25, 2009, at 10:32 PM, sally at sallyodgers.com wrote:

> Minnow writes:
>> Well, I did get an S in the name!  Yes, bless you Sally, that's  
>> the name I
>> couldn't get.
> And *I* kept thinking... Stephen Fennimore Cooper! Who is another  
> bloke entirely.
> Sallyo

James only-one-n Fenimore Cooper.

You can make a good movie out of _The Last of the Mohicans_ only if
you change the protagonist's name, drop a number of the sillier
episodes, and base your script largely on older Hollywood scripts.

When the movie with Daniel Day-Lewis came out, I was moved to
reread the original.  I *REALLY* *DO* *NOT* *RECOMMEND* *THIS*.

But, if you persist, you *MUST* read the essay by Mark Twain.  It was in
some essay collection I had as an English textbook and I can still  
lying prone on the living room floor laughing uncontrollably, trying to
read the funniest bits to my father.


The mome rath isn't born that could
outgrabe me.

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