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2009/4/24 Judith Ridge <judith.ridge at gmail.com>

> 2009/4/24 Mark Allums <mark at allums.com>
>> No, I wasn't wearing any gear.  Honeybees are pretty laid back, and you
>> have to actually be robbing the hive or otherwise a threat to them before
>> they are likely to sting or attack.  When they swarm (to form a new
>> colony/hive) they load up on honey, and this makes for mellow bees.
>> More description:  Uh, A little like static on the TV screen when the
>> station has gone off the air.  A little like a tornado, except less whirling
>> and more random trajectories.  Uh, a bit like too much coffee, and
>> everything is dizzy and jittery.  Except, not in an unpleasant way.    Being
>> in the center of an event.
>> It starts with a few bees.  They start exiting the hive.  At first, only a
>> few.  Then more.  They seem to be hunting, searching, but not
>> systematically.  The cloud is small.  A beach ball.  Then, a shrubbery.
>>  Then an elephant.  Then, the size of a large room.  Eventually, a consensus
>> is reached.  They agree to alight on an object.  A sapling, or tree limb.
>>  Some beekeepers you may have seen, with "bee beards".  They may stay nearby
>> if they find a sheltering place, or the may take off in search of some new
>> territory.  And then, the swarm dwindles, and dissipates.
>> Feelings:  Pregnacy (expectation), apprehension, wonder, joy, slight fear
>> (of being the "tree limb" they choose to alight on).
>> MArk Allums
> I'm with Minnow. This is a smashing bit of writing, although I confess when
> you mentioned the shrubbery, I have expected some Pythonesque Knights to
> make a guest appearance...

Dammit. HALF expected, not have expected. Spoiled my own punch line!


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