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Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Thu Apr 23 14:15:40 EDT 2009

Aimee Smith wrote:
>> My mother was used to him returning in this state, but was surprised
>> when he held out his arm and said, "Lick this!" The tree was full of
>> honey.
>> K.
> Hee hee! Your parents are great.
>> Kind of like a fog composed of yellow-brown particles,
>> which buzz.  It was a bit dream-like.  I'm sure I would experience it
>> differently today, but I still recall the joy I had of being there, in
>> the right place, at the right time.
>> Mark
> Thanks for the description - I was going to ask for it!
> I'm writing a story called Honey Mage. Well, that's its working title.
> It's a long way off finishing but I'm glad one can experience standing 
> in the middle of a swarm!
> Were you wearing protective gear?
> And thanks to everyone for the bee stories - it'll be good to know what 
> else is out there like my story!
> :)
> Aimee.

No, I wasn't wearing any gear.  Honeybees are pretty laid back, and you 
have to actually be robbing the hive or otherwise a threat to them 
before they are likely to sting or attack.  When they swarm (to form a 
new colony/hive) they load up on honey, and this makes for mellow bees.

More description:  Uh, A little like static on the TV screen when the 
station has gone off the air.  A little like a tornado, except less 
whirling and more random trajectories.  Uh, a bit like too much coffee, 
and everything is dizzy and jittery.  Except, not in an unpleasant way. 
     Being in the center of an event.

It starts with a few bees.  They start exiting the hive.  At first, only 
a few.  Then more.  They seem to be hunting, searching, but not 
systematically.  The cloud is small.  A beach ball.  Then, a shrubbery. 
  Then an elephant.  Then, the size of a large room.  Eventually, a 
consensus is reached.  They agree to alight on an object.  A sapling, or 
tree limb.  Some beekeepers you may have seen, with "bee beards".  They 
may stay nearby if they find a sheltering place, or the may take off in 
search of some new territory.  And then, the swarm dwindles, and 

Feelings:  Pregnacy (expectation), apprehension, wonder, joy, slight 
fear (of being the "tree limb" they choose to alight on).

MArk Allums

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