[DWJ] question...

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Apr 23 12:30:16 EDT 2009

>Sorry for top-posting -- I can't seem to find a default setting for
>bottom-posting, so I have to do a lot of mucking about to bottom-post, and
>as the thread had gone all top-posty anyway, I just slapped an answer on
>Helen Schinske

Helen, it wasn't you in particular -- in fact I received your post here
after I had already sent mine.

It just has seemed to be happening more and more during the past few days,
not just on dwj-list but all over the place, and I wondered whether
MicroSoft had brought out some new shiny thing that refused to allow people
to reply after what they were replying to, or something.

If one person top-posts and then the next person posts at the end, we might
end up having to start reading in the middle and skip from one end to the
other repeatedly.

I am on one list in which I have simply stopped reading posts from some of
the listmembers, because I have no idea what they are talking about when I
can no longer tell what point by whom or where in a given post they may be
replying to.

Here, there may be someone who knows the answer to my question, which makes
it worth asking.  There, it would get a blank "duh?" response.


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