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Helen Schinske wrote:
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>> On a tangent, I am house hunting at the moment and yesterday morning I
>> inspected a house which had bees living in its back wall. The previous
>> owner apparently "liked having them there" and his successors are
>> trying to get the bees humanely moved out. You could smell the honey.
>> K.
> There are worse things than bees. I'm reminded of the Gone-Away Lake 
> books, by Elizabeth Enright, in which the elderly Pindar Payton lives in 
> two rooms of a ramshackle house, the rest of which is given over to 
> hornets. He says it's like living in a hotel, all that coming and going, 
> and not having to know anyone else.
> Helen Schinske

"There are worse things than bees."

I wish you hadn't said that.  Perhaps you should qualify that with "nice 
tame bees of Italian heritage".  I live in an area (East Texas) where 
some quite aggressive bees are moving in from points further south.

But I did enjoy quite a lot witnessing my uncle's bee hive begin to 
swarm, at my grandmother's house.  I can now quite easily visualize 
being inside a roiling, thick cloud of honeybees.  Because I have been.

Mark Allums, bragging, slightly

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