[DWJ] an appeal to Australia

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Apr 22 18:02:50 EDT 2009

Minnow wrote:
And thank you, all, for the reassurance that bower birds are found in
Australia;  I'd hate it to have been Swiss-Familyish about zoology.

I asssume that hoop-snakes are mythical, as they were in that book?  :-)

I couldn't resist replying to Minnow's plea. Minnow, I found a number of
references to hoop-snakes on the internet, and some were definitely of
the debunking kind. Here is an excerpt of one reference I particularly
liked, from uncyclopedia, http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Hoop_Snake

Sciency Stuff
The Hoop Snake, or Oxyuranus Hulaii, is found throughout the Australian
continent. It, like all other snakes, is a reptile and therefore is cold
blooded. As everyone knows, the best killers are cold blooded killers.
As everyone doesn't know, the Hoop Snake is the animal which gave rise
to this adage. 

On approximately 11 October each year, Australia's Hoop Snakes migrate
to Byron Bay in New South Wales to breed. Male and female Hoop Snakes
have approximately 50 partners during the next few weeks. These partners
are chosen randomly by the females. The Males all put their car keys in
a large fruit bowl and the blindfolded females take it in turns to take
a set of keys from the bowl. The male who owns the car keys is then
allowed to have his way with the female before having his keys returned
to him. He is then able to return to his hotel if he needs a break or
return his keys to the bowl if he is a real man with some stamina. 

The Hoop Snake is born as an egg. The mother snake then sits on the egg
for approximately 4 weeks, occasionally making the 4 mile trek to the
ocean to hunt krill to maintain its body fat reserves. When the eggs
hatch the baby snakes come out and they look so cute with their big
round eyes and their forked, sticky-outy tongues. 

Approximately 4 weeks after hatching the snakes all return to their
designated Housing Commission flats around Australia where they wait
until next year's orgy. 

The Hoop Snake lives, on average, for about 9 years before being run
over by me in my car. 
. . . . 

There's more, but that will give you a taste for it.


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