[DWJ] an appeal to Australia

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 22 17:30:43 EDT 2009

Emma Comerford  wrote

>And to be slightly more helpful, the National Library of Australia has a
>1949 novel by Dale Collins called "Bush Holiday", so that might be it...

Might be: the date is about right.  I don't remember that name at all,
though.  Which is ridiculous: I know exactly what the cover looked like, a
Puffin, mostly blue, and so on,. but the author's  name is a gap.

And thank you, all, for the reassurance that bower birds are found in
Australia;  I'd hate it to have been Swiss-Familyish about zoology.

I asssume that hoop-snakes are mythical, as they were in that book?  :-)


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