[DWJ] Bees (was Chalice)

Colin Fine colin at fine.me.uk
Wed Apr 22 13:34:25 EDT 2009

Synchronicity, or what?  I got this message forwarded from Theatre in the Mill. (Haven't seen anything previous, so I don't know why bees). 

I am working with Tony Liddington on the Mela this year, and am following some stuff up as Dan Leno tours his way around.. I think you and Tony have had a conversation about finding some Bee staff to work the Mela (and a few days in the week preceeding)? Do you think this is still a possibility? If so - we are saying it will be approx £50 a day (for 3-5 days, 10am-5pm including the Saturday and Sunday)... Bee garb provided, etc... 


Could you let me know if you have any people who are interested?  If so - I am happy to take their email addresses and contact them directly. 


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