[DWJ] Bees (was Chalice)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 22 11:30:15 EDT 2009

>2009/4/22 <deborah.dwj at suberic.net>
>> I'm positive they do do this in power of three. Adara makes sure
>> that Gair does it, right? And Ceri?
>Yes, and it's mentioned in the closing words of the book too, iirc.

As I understand it, the legend is old and the immediate cause of its being
used in this case is that it plays a small part in a story by Kipling that
was well-known to DWJ, and has a poem^Wverse (sorry: Kipling never claimed
to write poems, he always called them "verses") attached:


Bees! Bees! Hark to your bees!
"Hide from your neighbours as much as you please,
But all that has happened, to /us/ you must tell,
Or else we will give you no honey to sell!"

A maiden in her glory,
  Upon her wedding-day,
Must tell her Bees the story,
  Or else they'll fly away.
      Dwindle down and leave you!
    Fly away -- die away --
      But if you don't deceive your Bees,
    Your Bees will not deceive you.

Marriage, birth or buryin',
  News across the seas,
All you're sad or merry in,
  You must tell the Bees.
    Tell 'em coming in an' out,
       Where the Fanners fan,
    'Cause the Bees are just about
       As curious as a man!

Don't you wait where trees are,
  When the lightnings play,
Nor don't you hate where Bees are,
  Or else they'll pine away,
    Pine away -- dwine away --
      Anything to leave you!
    But if you never grieve your Bees,
      Your Bees'll never grieve you.


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