[DWJ] Space squids and other monsters

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 18:45:36 EDT 2009

Not a squid, but Space Train had crabs in space:

"He caught sight of a gigantic claw, then a scrambled vision of
crab-like features passed over the window. To his astonishment, other
crab-like shapes appeared from all sides. But such crabs! They were as
large as buses, and a distinct brown colour in the reflected light of
the rocket’s interior illumination."

It also contains little known facts of the effect of crabshells on
super magnets.

I posted my initial reactions to the (fortunately short) book back in
February: http://tanaudel.wordpress.com/2009/02/12/space-train-sabotage-sent-them-to-the-skies/



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