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"Airborn" is next on our list of books to publish in Hebrew. And BTW, ObDWJ,
did I mention that "Archer's Goon" has been out in shops for about a month
now? We've just had the first review, as well, I think it was a good review
though some of the time I couldn't figure out what he was on about. But here
are some highlights (very loosely translated):

"Archer's Goon" by Diana Wynne Jones, reviewed by David Rosenthal for Walla:

"Diana Wynne Jones' masterpiece... is a story in the fantasy mold,
presenting all the classic elements, but served up in a
Kafkaesque-Kishonesque sauce of red-tape complications and beaurocracy,
leading up to a hopeless situation. For not unicorns, talking horses and
super-monsters frighten us. Rather, power drills, obtuse bank clerks, thick
policemen and buses that never run on time are the stuff of our real world
nightmares... what a shame it took quarter of a century for this book to be
published in Hebrew".

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> Great minds think alike! I thought of Oppel but ruled it out as not taking
> place in outer space. Also, aren't they more like giant flying jellyfish
> than squid? Giant flying electric re-hydratable outer atmosphere

What they are is TOTALLY AWESOME. Have those books been
recommended yet on this list? Because, dude, the
giant-jellyfish-that-slightly-resemble-squid are totally amazing.

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