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Beck Laxton becklaxton at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 19 16:04:49 EDT 2009

> *The Blind Assassin* by Margaret Attwood (I had to read a
> Booker *some* time; not particularly impressed, but greatly
> amused because the publishers' blurb at the front says
> that her novels include inter alia *The Handmaid's Tale*
> and that it was shortlisted for a Booker, but don't
> mention that it won the Arthur C. Clarke; at the back they
> have nine of her published novels listed, but *not* THT,
> which they don't apparently feel counts)

Atwood is much resented in SF circles, I believe, for being snotty about SF, to the extent of claiming that her SF novels aren't sciece fiction, they're *proper* fiction (I expect she put it differently, mind you). It sounds as though her publishers share her belief that association with SF would be a downgrade from being a Proper Writer. 

Beck in Sawston


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