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On Sat, 18 Apr 2009, jodel at aol.com wrote:

> I have to admit that while I enjoyed the books mentioned, I *had* noticed 
> that McKinley appeared to have got onto a jag of being determined to bury the 
> reader in truly exhaustive detail.


> With 'Chalice' you will need have no such worries. This is a comparitively 
> spare, taut, telling in which you are given no more detail than what you 
> actually *need*.

<more snipping>

I wanted to say, without quoting all of J.Odell's excellent post, how much 
I always enjoy reading your astute and amusing analysis (I'm remembering 
in particular the one about Fire & Hemlock, and I've just read/reread the 
one about Beauty x 3), and this was no exception.

<spoiler space for Chalice>

I did like Chalice, but I wasn't expecting the ending. There's a point 
somewhere in the middle when someone says that Masters are forbidden to 
marry Chalices, and so I said to myself, "okay, it's not a romance." And 
then it was, and somehow the forbiddenness was...not there? It was 
confusing. Also, McKinley writes in a sort of distancing style--it feels 
rather cool and opaque, kind of like everyone's going about with masks on 
so it's more difficult for the reader to figure out what people are 
thinking. And so I wasn't thinking that the Master and Mirasol were 
falling in love. It was subtle but still a heck of a lot more obvious with 
Corlath and Harry, for instance.

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