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2009/4/19 Jane Scarlett <mail at janescarlett.com>

> I'm very excited to see that Tim Burton has filmed Coraline - does anyone
> here know whether Neil Gaiman has been much involved with the film, and
> what
> his opinion is of it?  I did look at his blog, but there was only a link to
> the film website, and nothing I could see from NG himself about it.
Tim Burton had nothing to do with the film of "Coraline"; it was made
(written and directed) by Henry Selick, who directed the Tim Burton-produced
"Nightmare Before Christmas", which is why somehow Burton is getting all the
credit for "Coraline" (and, indeed, the Selick-directed "Nightmare...") Neil
has written about the film extensively on his blog, and has been very
involved involved in the film's making, although not in any formal capacity.
And he's delighted with it.


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