[DWJ] Pam Freeman

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 22:05:16 EDT 2009


Thanks for that! I popped over to Pamela's Facebook page last night  
and remembered that the next one is out. But I am even more excited  
that the last one is coming!
Having to wait for the third might prove more torturous than waiting  
for the second.
It has been a whole term - months and months - since I was in a  
bookshop, so that will have to be my excuse!

I am fairly new to Aussie authors (not counting Isobelle Carmody and  
Garth Nix, who I read in high school) - so I hadn't seen her other  
books. Good to know!

I too have been reading Margo Lanagan. I don't think anyone knows  
words quite like she does. I have Tender Morsels sitting in my to-read  
pile. I read the first bits in the bookshop and was suitably harrowed  
by them, yet couldn't put them down for love nor money because of the  
WORDS! Juicy and breathtaking.

Sydney Writers Festival, eh? Hmm...



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