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> This was also the book in which the penny finally dropped and I realized 
> that in just about *all* of McKinley's work the *real* central conflict 
> and challenge is to find your proper work and to do it well. Whatever it 
> may happen to be.

I remember having a similar conversation with Margot Louis (whom I still 
miss) years ago, and her pointing out to me that _Beauty_ didn't quite fit 
that mold. I think quite a lot of children's and YA literature is about the 
discovery of what one is really good for, and often how to learn to love 
something about oneself that one thought was horrible or useless (like 
Helen's hand, in _Homeward Bounders_, which she learns to call her gadget). 
It certainly comes up a lot in DWJ, and other stories about people learning 
to use magical abilities (of course it isn't always stated in terms of 
magic --  look at Nan in _Witch Week_, who turns out to be a better writer 
than a witch).

Haven't read _Chalice_ yet. Must get to it.

Helen Schinske 

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