[DWJ] What I've been reading

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Apr 18 11:01:39 EDT 2009

Otter Perry wrote:
> On Apr 16, 2009, at 4:27 PM, Elizabeth Evans wrote:
> > Anyone read anything good lately, or have you all been on a reading
> > diet, waiting for the new DWJ to come out?
Over and since Easter I've been reading or have read

*Good Behaviour* by Harold Nicholson (a run through the mores of 
societies since the Dawn of Time or at least the Start of Written 
Evidence as observed by a man in 1955)

*Perverting the Course of Justice* by Inspector Gadget (a book to read 
for a cop's-eye view of policing in England in 2008)

*The Blind Assassin* by Margaret Attwood (I had to read a Booker *some* 
time; not particularly impressed, but greatly amused because the 
publishers' blurb at the front says that her novels include inter alia 
*The Handmaid's Tale* and that it was shortlisted for a Booker, but 
don't mention that it won the Arthur C. Clarke; at the back they have 
nine of her published novels listed, but *not* THT, which they don't 
apparently feel counts)

*Canary Fever: reviews*  by John Clute (it came out at the Eastercon and 
I got him to sign it for me)

*Peacocks and Commas* edited by Joanna Lumley (the readers of the 
Spectator were splendidly erudite and creative when it came to the 
competition entries -- and she has written the foreward in 
lippogrammatic form)

*A View from the Diners Club* by Gore Vidal (was there *anyone* he 
didn't know?)

Five of the six Belesarius books by Eric Flint and David Drake (but 
these are cheating, because I skip quite a lot of the loving detail 
about Roman Empire warfare-with-gunpowder and go for the characters and 
silly humour)

*Enchanted Glass* by Diana Wynne Jones (only on the computer, sorry, and 
I don't know when the publishers will get round to this if they haven't 

Some of these volumes are explained by the fact that The Book Barn in 
Bristol closed down earlier this year, and issued a general call that 
said "come and help yourself to any books that you want".  I managed to 
confine myself to a couple of hundred or so and only spent about three 
hours there.  Actually it was rather horrible, because they had got rid 
of a lot of the bookcases first, and the warehouse floors were covered 
in heaps of books that might or might not have been interesting but were 
impossible even to look at.  And I think the roof had leaked too: a lot 
of stuff was mouldy.  A melancholy event, all in all.  And now I am 
slowly working my way through the ones I got because they looked vaguely 
interesting or because I hadn't heard of them and knew the author's name 
or just randomly liked the look of them.  Hence the Harold Nicholson and 
the Gore Vidal and the Lumley.  TBA is a gift from someone in a house in 
which they have limited book-space and they've all read it -- shall I 
bring it along to the symposium later this year, does anyone want it?


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