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Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 19:31:45 EDT 2009

WOW! You're still alive!
*Hugs list*
I thought I'd somehow unsubscribed, and was too busy to check.
But, without any effort on my part, you're back!
My last digest was Vol 34, Issue 12.
I'll catch up soon as I can, unless someone wants to do a summary post  
of all 500 odd messages since then :D

SO much reading news!

I have to tell you: I read the Young Miles Omnibus, and can I say I  
AGREE WITH all the BUJOLD recommendations, I loved loved loved every  
minute of it!

I am reading Georgette Heyer as fast as I can get my hands on them -  
the regency ones, that is.

I listened to the audiobook of The Graveyard Book and adored it. Yes  
to the wanting more sentiment - the story was too short because it was  
so good. Neil Gaiman reads beautifully; it was perfect.

I have also listened to the unabridged Pride and Prejudice for the  
first time - and LOVED it! There's so much that didn't make the BBC  
version! (Lizzie is naiive and so sure of herself and quite immature  
at the start... Darcy is better in print... Charlotte Lucas and Lizzie  
are both conniving minxes... The Gardeners are still lovely.)

I've been reading some Aussie authors - Karen Miller, Pamela Freeman  
and Trudi Canavan - and very much liking them. And did I mention Scott  
Westerfeld before? Him, too.

I am reading 'In the Shoes of the Fisherman' by Morris West, and it's  
so unexpectedly good!

I just started The Ladies of Grace Adieu. Am loving it, of course,  
though I still haven't finished Strange and Norrell.

On the Christmas holidays I read 19 books, I think. I will list them,  
but quickly, because I'm really procrastinating from work. ON my  
holidays. Bah.

To Kill a Mockingbird (reread, second time. First in high school.  
"Stand up, Miss Jean Louise. You're father's passin'" Sigh. Much  
better the second time.)
Elidor - Alan Garner (I like Alan Garner's stories once I can figure  
out what the heck is going on)
Young Miles (three in one - two novels and a novella)
The House of Many Ways - DWJ (Loved it! More Howl and Sophie! Yay!)
Sylvester - Georgette Heyer
The Corinthian - Georgette Heyer
The Black Moth - Georgette Heyer
Forever Odd - Dean Koontz (I love Odd Thomas, but the quality of the  
Odd stories is fading)
Life Expectancy - Dean Koontz (top form DK)
Riddle-Master - Patricia McKillip (discussion about this welcome - it  
was an old and odd style of writing, hauntingly beautiful, I really  
enjoyed it)
The Black Magician Trilogy - Trudi Canavan (well, okay, I have just  
yesterday finished the third. But I started over Christmas, honest!)
Fables, Issue 9 (Love this series! Someone needs to hurry up and buy  
the next one so I can read it... Let's just hope the next person to  
draw Bigby and Snow get it *right*.)   :)
Dragonkeeper - Carole Wilkinson (sweet)
Blood Ties - Pamela Freeman (can't wait till the next one! Great  
landscapes, great horses, intriguing society/plot potential)
Journey to the River Sea - Eva Ibbotson (Love Eva! Thanks list!)
Ella Enchanted - by, um - (liked it a lot, reminded me of Eva  
Ibbotson, with magic).

And for all that, my to-read pile has doubled.
There may have been more since then, but I haven't written them down.



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