[DWJ] administrivia: hallo, digest users

Beck Laxton becklaxton at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 17 17:09:15 EDT 2009

> If Beck hadn't kept on at me to find
> out what was wrong with her subscription, I don't know if I
> would have noticed it. 

Well, there you are - I emailed Deborah twice in about ten months, and thought *I* was being slack. Other digest readers are even more dreadful putter-offers than I am? I don't quite believe it... 

Still, it's almost worth it to get a digest with 532 lovely messages in it! I hope you non-digest guys are ready for the dredging up of old arguments that you thought were long buried. (Is that a mixed metaphor? What is dredging, anyway?) 

Thank you, Deborah - you're most welcome!

Ob DWJ am trying to think of anyone who's a terrible procrastinator, but my mind has gone blank - all I can think of is Polly being embarrassed into not making a fuss at Laurel's horrid party. So utterly brilliant of DWJ to realise the amazing power of embarrassment: one of the most potent of human emotions, I always think, and so vividly recollected too: don't you remember your worst moments with a lot more clarity than you can recall your love affairs? 

love, Beck - soooo glad to be part of this group again!

in Sawston, Cambridgeshire, England


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