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Otter said...

> I've always felt that _Curse of Chalion_ and _Paladin of
> Souls_ had a Spanish feel to them, mostly because of the names
> and the countryside and the architecture, I think.
> Yes.  Well.  So the book covers various events leading up
> to all this stirring stuff, including the political situation Isabella
> was in before she married Ferdinand and how she married
> Ferdinand against her half-brother's [the king] wishes, and
> how her brother had died before her.  It's all fascinating and
> bears more than a passing resemblance to _Curse of Chalion_.
> Was I the only one who didn't notice this before?

I never noticed it either - I, too, have bugger-all background in Spanish 
history - but LMB has stated that that was her inspiration.  From an 
interview at http://www.cyberdark.net/portada.php?edi=3&cod=2:

"I did sign up, a few years ago, for a course on Spanish medieval history at 
the local university which not only dispelled a lot of my ignorance, but 
gave me ideas for my new fantasy novel, The Curse of Chalion, just published 
here in the States by Eos/HarperCollins this past August (2001). I will be 
very interested to see how Spanish readers respond to that book, since I 
would expect them to recognize more of the sources for some of the 
characters and situations than most American readers will."

So there you go.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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