[DWJ] musings on _Curse of Chalion_

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Sep 27 07:20:47 EDT 2008

Otter spake:

>I've always felt that _Curse of Chalion_ and _Paladin of
>Souls_ had a Spanish feel to them, mostly because of the names
>and the countryside and the architecture, I think.
>Now I'm reading a book about the conquest of the last Moorish
>bit of Spain, the expulsion of the Jews, and the Inquisition.
>[As USAliens like me tend to know, the expulsion of the Jews
>and the Moors were the _other_ things that happened in 1492.]
>Yes.  Well.  So the book covers various events leading up
>to all this stirring stuff, including the political situation Isabella
>was in before she married Ferdinand and how she married
>Ferdinand against her half-brother's [the king] wishes, and
>how her brother had died before her.  It's all fascinating and
>bears more than a passing resemblance to _Curse of Chalion_.
>Was I the only one who didn't notice this before?

DWJ says that she is fairly sure that somewhere she has read Bujold saying
that these books came out of a course she did about (I may have this wrong)
'quatrocento Italy', and that she (DWJ) has therefore always thought of
them as having an Italian rather than a Spanish 'feel'.  And I have to
admit that without having read Bujold's comment I too had them placed as
'vaguely Italian', but rather in the same way that something may be
'Mummerset' without being directly Devon, Cornwall or Somerset in any
detail.  Romance-style country rather than any one of the Romance-language
countries, for me.

So you aren't alone in not spotting a clear Spanish-history connection.  :-)


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