[DWJ] unusual DWJ mention

Karen F. frede005 at umn.edu
Tue Sep 16 10:53:49 EDT 2008

Just over a year ago, the 35-W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed.  The local
newspaper has an excellent retrospective, with some video clips, and
updates whre possible.  I was reading along it, and came across this, for
a young woman named Jessie.  She is an experienced actress, and was about
to go to Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh) to a musical comedy

Update for Jessie:

"Summer 2008:  Some months ago, Jessie Shelton became enchanted by an
animated movie about a teenage girl named Sophie who suddenly turns into
an old woman. Because of a curse, Sophie can't tell anyone what happened.
And she sets off on a journey to learn how to be young again. For a
fantasy, it had a strangely familiar ring."

DWJ isn't mentioned by name, nor is the (movie) title.

If you'd like to read the complete entry, the site is


You can skip the Intro if you like - it will take you to a long picture of
the bridge.  Click on car "72" for Jessie's story.

Thinking of DWJ's health problems, I wonder if she had similar thoughts
after hurting her back, for instance, suddenly feeling much older.

PS the new bridge opens on Thursday!

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