[DWJ] Embarrassed wave from Ros

Ros rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Tue Sep 9 09:43:53 EDT 2008

Hi Esther!

A very guilty, ashamed hello from me! It's embarrassing that it's taken me
so long to write to you after our meeting in Israel (over a year ago now!).
I enjoyed meeting you so much and appreciated your coming to meet me! 

We had a wonderful time in Prague. Dad showed us the building he lived in,
just around the corner from where we were staying. We were even able to get
inside to the inner courtyard because in the front of the building (which is
now a tattoo parlour!) the tattooist was happy to let us in. We visited the
orphanage where Dad lived just before the War after his father died. Since
Dad was last in Prague a few years ago, the orphanage has been turned into a
Jewish day school, and when Dad told us he used to live there, they let us
inside and showed us around. That was a very emotional experience for my
dad. And we visited the Jewish cemetery where Dad's father, our grandfather,
is buried. This is the same cemetery where Franz Kafka is buried. (It's not
the Old Cemetery near which the golem is said to still lie - we went there

Dad and I were able to have some special time together after Nathan and Deb
(my brother and sister-in-law) left to go back to spend another few weeks in
Israel. Since then, Abe and I have been very busy - we moved into a rental
unit while our house is being turned into two townhouses, and life in
general has been fairly crazy. Abe had a mild heart attack a few months ago
and had a stent put in. He's OK, but it's his second heart attack. The other
one was maybe 9 years ago. The problem is that he needs to make some changes
(he's a heavy smoker and doesn't get much exercise) and hasn't made them
yet. I've been very concerned and frustrated - but only he can actually do

I've been missing Israel very much and wanting to come back with Abe. I
can't see that happening for a few years (mainly for financial reasons -
it's a big trip from Australia) but I want to do it very much.

I hope you and your family are well! I've love to hear how you are, what
you've been reading, etc! Did you ever get hold of the DWJ books you hadn't
yet read?

Right now I'm reading 'Ships of the Air' by Martha Wells after re-reading
'The Wizard Hunters' and am enjoying it tremendously. Right now we're on
holiday up north in Queensland (brought the laptop with us) and these two
books are the only ones I've read after bringing so many books with me, but
I've enjoyed just taking my time and allowing myself to be in the world of
the books. 

With love,

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